It’s time for the latest “craftivism” project of the Resistance!
Jayna Zweiman, co-founder of the “Pussyhat Project” wants people coming to this country to feel valued … because they are! Just as the “Pussyhats” quickly became a symbol of Resistance for women, Jayna Zweiman hopes to mimic that astounding success with the “Welcome Blanket.”
This new initiative called “Welcome Blanket” takes the length of Donald Trump’s proposed US-Mexico border wall and reimagines it as thousands of “welcome” blankets for refugees. The goal is to knit blankets from 2,000 miles of yarn…the projected length of the border wall…over several months…with a deadline of November 4, 2017.
This project isn’t just for seasoned knitters. Jayna Zweiman and Kat Coyle (designer of the original pattern for the Pussyhats) created a step-by-step photo and texture tutorial for beginners to follow, teaching them how to create their blankets from start to finish. will provide full instructional details.
Fairview Park Democratic Club members who want further information can contact Jan Hoeffler at 440-779-4315.