Earth Day is April 22. The meeting was engaging with lots of great information shared by the guest speakers:

Nathan Rutz, Director of Soil, Rust Belt Riders

Shared how to compost with humor and fun anecdotes and brought enriched compost soil to sale. Following his presentation every bag of soil was sold! One lucky guest won a bag of soil and another guest won a compost bin. Additional questions contact Nathan on website.

Scott Moegling, Water Quality Manger, Cuyahoga County Cleveland Water

Shared great information on the importance of Lake Erie and the dangers if we don’t take the necessary steps to protect it. Additional questions contact information –

Doreen Schreiber, Recycling Specialist, Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District

Shared a lot of great information on how to recycle correctly and have ZERO waste. Please attend one of the upcoming workshops to help fully understand the ins and out of recycling; documents attached at the bottom. Additional questions contact information –

CS_version2_Business Recycling Seminar Flyer 2019