Cassimir Svigelj

Cassimir Svigelj

Running to represent the 16th District at the Ohio Statehouse

From Cassimir:

I chose to run for representative because I see a problem at the Statehouse in Columbus.  That problem is the elected officials are not properly serving the peopleof Ohio. The Republican party currently holds 66 of the 99 seats in the Statehouse and they have used that power to attack Ohio’s environment, public schools, and safety net programs while simultaneously promoting the interests of large corporations, Big-Agra, fracking, and Big-Pharma which has resulted in the current opioid epidemic that rampages through Ohio.

Columbus currently lacks vision.  We have to start preparing our students for the jobs of tomorrow.  We need to stop spending more than $1.6 million dollars of our tax-payers’ money on charter schools and allocate those resources toward our superior performing public school system.

I will fight for every constituent in Rocky River, North Olmsted, Fairview Park, Bay Village, and Westlake to guarantee that we have clean air, clean water, great educational opportunities, and great career opportunities for the jobs of tomorrow.

Let’s return to understanding the struggles of one another instead of arguing over philosophical differences.  Let’s all show empathy towards one another.  We need to elect politicians who care about their constituencies, because they’ve lived and grown with their constituencies.  If we want to have a better system for all of us, then we need to elect one of us.