Great turn out for the February meeting, It was good to see everyone!!!

If you were unable to make it, here is what you missed:

We had several speakers discus the topics of wind and solar energy. Below you will find more information on the Power of Wind Action Team and action steps they offered.

We are encouraging member to renew in February. THANK YOU to all who did!!! If you have not, please click here



Next meeting is March 7, 2019 and we will host the chair of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Shontel Brown .  She will share with us the future plans for the party!

We will continue the discussion at Gunselman’s Tavern located at 21490 Lorain Rd, Fairview Park, OH 44126 after the meeting and we invite everyone to join us.



Upcoming meetings:

March 7….April 4….May 2….June 6








Grassroots advocacy groups across the country taking action for wind energy

Organized by the American Wind Energy Association



Power of Wind Action Teams are part of a national grassroots program focused on empowering people and creating a structure of support powerful enough to get our communities and states ready for more wind energy.



We’ll work hand-in-hand with you as you learn how to write compelling letters to the editor, meet with elected officials and more. Dynamic guest speakers and experts will help us along the way.



You’ll meet monthly with members of your community who are also passionate about wind energy. This type of deep advocacy work will challenge you and empower you as a leader in your area on the issues that mean the most to you and our country.




Work with elected officials, be they members of Congress, state legislators, or city council members, to help them become champions for wind power.

Work with the media to spread the word about the benefits of wind energy in newspapers, on radio and TV.

Work with service clubs, college campuses or other community groups and leaders to participate and partner.

Work to boost support around the country for renewable wind energy.

Work toward achieving the Department of

Energy’s vision of wind supplying 10% of our nation’s electricity by 2020.


Contact Tom Schock at or 440-777-0942 to learn about joining the Cleveland Power of Wind Action Team and upcoming meetings.





Support Matt Dolan’s efforts to change the set back requirements and tell Governor DeWine to fill the remaining 2 vacant seats on the PUCO with people who will not block wind development.

We need to make our voices known to the legislators and regulators. The loudest voices cannot win the day. If someone is against something, Columbus hears about it. But they do not necessarily hear when people are for something. For those who do not live near the wind development areas, if we can get those constituencies to call in and say this is important, this is economic development, next generation growth. Otherwise, we are at best, sustaining population in Ohio and not growing because we cannot get the 18 to 35 year olds to stay here or move here. That group wants to see that Ohio is innovative.

And we need to do this in a bi-partisan manner. Bi-partisanship is not just naming a bridge. Bi-partisanship is when you have a majority that wants to see an economic benefit realized.

Stress that wind development is a bipartisan issue. If the legislators get sick of hearing about it, that’s how bills move.

Senator Dolan did not have so much as a hearing on his bill since March 2018. So his voice alone was not enough but our voices together will be a huge help. Demand that hearings be held. If the Natural Resources committee chairman does not put the bill up for a hearing, call and ask every week: Why is Dolan’s bill not up for a hearing? Call the Senate president and ask: Why isn’t Senator X putting Dolan’s bill up for a hearing? Do the same in the House.

Make them uncomfortable.

In conclusion, please write to your legislative leaders and express your support for Senator Dolan’s bill and for renewable energy projects.

Patrick J. O’Connor

February 7, 2019